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Weird Questions my Older Sister asked me, Answered

  1. Q: if i have a postive blood and rob has a negative, what does blobbert get?

    A: Either a 50% chance of Positive, or a 100% chance of positive, depending on whether you are heterozygous positive or not. Positive is dominant. (source)

  2. Q: are blue eyes or green eyes dominant?

    A: Green eyes are. (source)

  3. Q: curly hair? where do the genes stand on that?

    A: Curly is dominant (source)

  4. Q: Why do painters wear white clothes?

    A: Trational / Professional Look or bleach

  5. Q: do only men have a urethra? if so, what is a woman's urinary tube called?

    A: Most mammals have a urethra, the women's urinary tube is also the urethra. definition of urethra

Weird Questions my Little Sister asked me, Answered

  1. Q: Why are eggs and bunnies associated with easter? How did that start?

    A: It is because of the association between fertility and rebirth with eggs and rabbits. More fully researched answers can be found at the links below.

  2. Q:Other than the obvious points of education and being able to prescribe medicine...What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

    A: A psychologist is one who studies the science of how the mind works, or how the science of the mind influences behavior. Whereas a psychiatrist is interested in the medicinal aspects of the mind, how to cure malfuctions, handle emotions or cure bahvioral disorders. Alternate descriptions can be found here and here

  3. Q: And what's the deal with Swedish fish? Strange, somewhat un-inventive name for a candy? And why Sweden?

    A: It appears that the orginal manufactuer was in Sweden. The Swedish are apparently not very inventive when it comes to candy naming.

    To fully research this I would need a box of The Original Swedish Fish, The Candy Discounters sells them. Once I receive a box I will post all findings about who made them and where they come from here.

    I recently received a small contribution to my swedish fish research. I received a 2oz. bag of "The Original Swedish Fish" from my sponsor Cliff Zang (buy something from his eBay store). While this won't allow me to fully research all of the various properties of Swedish fish I did discover more info.

    They american Swedish fish are distributed by Jaret International, out of beautiful Woodbridge, NJ (07095), but are made in Canada by Trebor Allan Inc. out of almost as lovely Burlinton, Ontario (L7R 4S9)

    And the swedish connection that licensed the design/flavor/secret receipe is Malco KB, in scrumptious Sweden. So it looks like my first gues was correct, the Swedish aren't very imaginative.

    I did notice that these "Official" Swedish fish were smaller than the ones I generally have enjoyed, and my bag only had red. And note the word Swedish is printed on them.

    Malaco has a website.

  4. Q: How do you measure a telephone pole without climbing it?


    1. If you stand a distance away from the pole (Let's say 100 feet). And hold up a ruler with your arm completely outstretched, and measure the pole with that ruler. The height of that measurement/the length of your arm will equal the height of the tree/100 feet.
    2. Determine the angle of the sun, measure the shadow, use triginometry.
    3. Stand a known length object up, measure it's shadow, measure the length of the shadow of the pole, the proportion of the shadow lengths is the proportion of the pole to the known object.
    4. Cut it down and measure it.
  5. Q: When are the 12 days of Christmas?

    A: Dec 25th (Birth of the Christ) through Jan. 6th (Epiphany, the coming of the Magi.) And if you want way more info about this song than you probably want to know can hook you up.

Guy Albertelli
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